10 Exclusive Experiences you could find at Marrakesh

    The first step into Marrakesh
    The signature drink the hotel provides to welcome guests for relaxation from the trip is “Moroccan Ruby”, a drink with special recipe specially created for Marrakesh, with the main ingredients including pineapple juice, native fruit of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Prachuap Khiri Khan’s pineapple has a distinctive feature of a yellow, crispy flesh, juicy, sour and sweet taste, which helps refresh the body and prepare for the experience of relaxation at the hotel following the hotel motto “Your Journey Begins Here!”


    Experience the Bath Bomb
    As Marrakesh is the hotel with a large distinctive Jacuzzi feature, perfect for a wonderful stay, the aid that makes your bath so perfect is ‘Bath Bomb’, a round soap. When dropped into the bath while opening the Jacuzzi, it will burst into bubbles with a fresh fragrant aroma that makes your bath time a happy moment like lying on the clouds. By these 3 formulas and 3 scents of Twilight, Shiny Day, and First Kiss, you will be captivated in bathing like never before with the soft and fluffy foam of the Bath Bomb.

    Exclusive breakfast
    “The breakfast line is so varied!” A comment that we always hear from customers through social media channels. In addition to a delicious variety of breakfast, including Thai, Chinese and Western menus, along with the Thai stylish street food breakfast, such as soybean milk, deep-fried dough stick and rice porridge, our chefs also create a bakery corner with plenty of cute desserts, but the signature is Cactus Macaron or the delicious red bean croissant. Also, there is a special ancient menu, such as Spicy Shrimp Salad in Traditional Thai Style or Watermelon with Sweet Dried Fish-Crispy Shallot Dip as an alternative on some days. In addition, the hotel also provides room service breakfast if customers stay in the Oceanfront Suite and Celestial Suite.

    The first impression is always important
    In addition to the Welcome fruit, another specialty of the Marrakesh hotel Hua Hin for guests staying in the Oceanfront Suite and Celestial Suite is an adorable pair of camel-shaped chocolates named JAMAL. This camel is the symbol or mascot of the hotel from the design skills of Executive Chef and beautifully prepared for guests in the room in order to give your first stay the best impression.

    Signature menu to welcome visitors
    Apart from the hotel architecture, the idea to serve customers with a delicious signature food with a touch of Morocco sense in the atmosphere of Hua Hin seaside comes out as an excellent menu that reflects the love and happiness that cannot be found anywhere else, such as OASIS, OCEAN OF LOVE, SWEET HARMONY, along with sipping 5 Marrakesh signature drinks including Mystic Lunar, Djinn, Al Bahr Bliss, Prince of Persia, and Arabian Night. Every glass is designed and invented by a famous Mixologist, inspired by the unique and Arab and desert stories. This also includes the hotel’s mocktails created by the ideas of the hotel staff that were invented and submitted in a contest under the charm of love concept before being put on the menu and given a name, which assures that every drink of this hotel is unique in the world.

    Sipping signature tea in private
    The Afternoon Tea culture of Morocco is unique and can be seen everywhere in Morocco. Marrakesh is proud to bring this experience to all our guests to experience the signature mint tea of the Moroccan people along with a large set of homemade desserts, such as butter biscuits, spinach dumplings, cakes with Special Chef Design “Chocolate Shell” that combines the sea atmosphere in desserts, which create beauty and is suitable for photography and being served inside the room. The atmosphere is created and decorated with fabric like sitting in a balcony in Morocco, which is another experience that should not be missed when coming to Marrakesh Hua Hin.

    Exclusive experience close to nature
    Because of the width and cleanliness of the beach in front of the hotel, known as one of the most beautiful spots in Hua Hin, Marrakesh is therefore suitable for a romantic landmark for couples by dining on the beach amidst the sound of the waves and being close to nature inside the elegantly decorated and posh marquee in the Moroccan style. With a special meal available in either Sea food BBQ or Full Course Menu where the chef selects the food items which can be supplemented by a private acoustic music service to increase the sweetness while dining to give the most wonderful experience for your loved ones.

    Create a Morocco style work
    Marrakesh also has cute activities regardless of whether you are a couple or a family that you can’t miss out on, which are art craft activities. The activities are for customers to design crafts in Moroccan style, such as paint Batik handkerchiefs that have the unique tracery of the hotel, make gel candles, sand bottles or braided rope, which you can create your best workmanship in your own way and take it back as souvenirs or keep as souvenirs from the Marrakesh Hotel as a reminder that you once visited us.

    The beauty of the evening by the sea
    Al Bahr Beach Bar is one of the most beautiful beach bars on Hua Hin beach that is outstanding with a comfortable atmosphere by the sea for you to lean back, relax on the beanbag sofa then put your feet on the green grass stretching down to the beach, to enjoy the beauty of the long sunset horizon against the sea and the big moon on the full moon night or Super Moon, plus dining and sipping special cocktails and listening to soothing acoustic Thai and international music every Friday and Saturday, and soaking up the atmosphere until midnight, making your holiday extremely perfect.

    Design spa recipes yourself
    The spa experience as if arriving in Morocco is the Signature Spa Course “The Argan Oil Therapy”, which includes imported Argan oil with the amazing value of Morocco as the main product for body skin care. However, more special and enjoyable is the selection of local raw materials that are beneficial to the complexion, such as black sesame, oats, turmeric, soft-prepared chalk, tamarind and others for you to enjoy creating your own DIY Home made spa recipes easily. You can take care of your complexion to be naturally beautiful both from the formula that has been passed down from generation to generation or you can discover a new one yourself in each day of your stay.

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