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НУРА СПАДайте волю чувствам в мистическом уединении

«Зажгите чувства»

«Нура» означает «свет». Именно так мы ухаживаем за вашим телом и чувствами – это больше, чем просто расслабление, это высшая степень восприятия. Салон, выполненный в современном марокканском стиле, предлагает спа-процедуры, уходящие корнями в традиции Северной Африки и Индию. Здесь вы найдете умиротворение, безмятежность и душевное спокойствие. К вашим услугам 5 спа-кабинетов: 3 одинарных и 2 двойных с джакузи.

Фирменная процедура «Хаммам спа»

«Нура Спа» предлагает уникальный роскошный комплекс процедур: побалуйте себя массажем в арабском стиле, процедурами для лица, обертываниями, скрабами и т. п.

Часы работы: ежедневно с 09:00 до 18:00

Бронирование *по
тел. +66(0)32 616 777
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Марокканское хаммам спа с высококачественным маслом арганы

Аутентичный марокканский стиль, эксклюзивно в Хуахине.

Воссоздание атмосферы марокканской бани хаммам в мельчайших деталях с арабскими ритуалами красоты.

- Traditional Moroccan Bath with Hammam Ritual
In addition to providing romantic Moroccan-inspired architecture, Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa has joined with Dumoroc Trading Co., the importer of premium luxury quality spa products OR’AGAN to create a Moroccan traditional style Hammam Spa with authentic argan oil. A Hammam Spa is the ancient bathing ritual of Morocco, now the new signature treatment at Noora Spa. Meticulously based on the original treatment, Noora uses argan oil, a rare plant extracted from the kernel of argan fruit and legendary for its benefits to the skin.
- Secret of Marrakesh’s Moroccan Hammam Spa
(1) Argan Oil – The world’s most expensive oil
Argan. An ancient miracle, captured in bottles.
Argan trees are only native to Morocco, and are sufficiently precious that the existing plantation is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trees, which can live to 200 years, produce argan fruits which must be selected, hand-cracked, and cold pressed to extract the oil.
Known in skin-care circles as “liquid gold”, argan oil contains up to 99 percent fatty acids that act like an elixir to restore youthfulness to the skin. It increases skin firmness and reduces wrinkles, protect it from the sun, and even restore life to dull hair.
Argan oil contains three times more vitamin E than olive oil. Its richness in vitamin A also boosts growth in body cells and increases flows of minerals and vitamins. Europeans actually consume argan oil in capsules to fully enjoy its many benefits. Noora Spa’s argan oil imported by OR’AGAN is 100 percent pure argan oil, from the best plantation in Morocco, proudly employed in our genuine Mammam Spa treatments.
(2) Marrakesh’s Signature Essential Oils
The finest cocktail you’ll never drink. Marrakesh’s three signature scents of essential oils – Breeze, Starry Night and Oasis – are exclusively designed for treatments at Noora Spa.
Light and airy with the refreshing breath of extract of spearmint, the crucial ingredient in traditional Moroccan mint tea.
“Starry Night”
Inspired by the clear skies of the desert at night, with blends of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Benzoin to soothe and calm the mind.
Kissed with an exotic blend of basil – the staple herb in Moroccan cooking – and Thai herb lemongrass that refreshes like a lush oasis amid the arid desert.
(3) Black Soap
Don’t be scared of the dark.
Noora Spa’s Black Soap is made of olive oil mixed with eucalyptus. It gently exfoliates, with a mild disinfectant effect that can kill bacteria.
(4) Ghassoul Clay that shapes you.
Ghassoul or clay from the Atlas mountains in Morocco, deeply cleanses the skin, stimulates cell renewal, promotes elasticity and gives back a natural glow to the skin.
(5) Marrakesh’s Massage Oil with Organic Argan Oil
Argan by nature, scents by Marrakesh.
Our massage uses pure argan oil in your choice of three scents – Breeze, Starry Night and Oasis -- gently dripped on the body. This signature treatment at Noora Spa blends Western and Eastern techniques together to create a moment of pure bliss and deep skin therapy.
- The Hammam Ritual
Arabian nights start with Arabian beauty.
Step one: Heat
The treatment begins with a heat-prep of the skin, using a sauna to open the pores while aromatic oils on hot stones create a relaxing aromatherapy environment.
Step two: Cleanse
A warm shower using Black Soap gets rid of dull, dead skin cells. Rich in germicide agents, Black Soap is slathered on the skin and left on for minutes, then rinsed off with warm water. The skin is then scrubbed down thoroughly with special gloves to get rid of accumulated impurities and boost blood circulation.
Step three: Wrap
Ghassoul’s volcanic minerals and seven plants extract are given a deep cleaning for the skin, moisturizing, and giving back elasticity.
Step four: Tea break
In following traditional Moroccan ritual, the treatment pauses to rehydrate the body with fluid and heavenly fragrance through the drinking of mint tea.
Step 5: Enter the argan
Pure argan oil in your choice of three scents – Breeze, Starry Night and Oasis – is gently dripped on the body while the massage, which blends Western and Eastern therapeutic techniques, precisely relieves tension and rejuvenated joints and muscles while allowing the argan oil’s special properties to nourish and strengthen skin.
The multi-step treatment maximizes your energy and refreshes both mind and body for a restored and bright outlook. Exclusive to Noora Spa, this unique spa massage treatment combines the power of traditional technique, exquisite environment, and effective products.

Фирменный сияющий массаж

Одна свеча для освещения жизни

Индийские легенды рассказывают о волшебных свечах, которые использовались для лечения в древние времена. В нашей процедуре используются свечи, напитанные прекрасными ароматами и натуральной золотой пудрой. Горячие свечи медленно тают, придавая коже мягкость и сияние.

Романтическая ванна с красным вином

Винтаж для тела

Антиоксидантная ванна с красным вином – это эксклюзивная процедура салона «Нура Спа». Она стимулирует обновление клеток, улучшает кровообращение и питает кожу. Теперь, с помощью этой новой оздоровительной процедуры, насладиться прелестями вина может все тело.

For reservation, please contact
Tel. +66(0)32 616 777 Email:

Moroccan Retreat

It is a perfect combination of Western’s therapy and a unique secret skin care from Morocco with Black soap and Argan oil.

Completely Relax 2 Hrs. THB 2,700 net.

  • Black Soap Body Scrub 45 minutes
  • Full Body Massage with Argan Oil 75 minutes

Soft and Smooth 1.5 Hrs. THB 1,900 net.

  • Black Soap Body Scrub 45 minutes
  • Dead Sea Miracle Mud Wrap 30 minutes
  • Head Massage 15 minutes

Clean and Fresh 1 Hrs. THB 1,400 net.

  • Black Soap Body Scrub 45 minutes
  • Head Massage 15 minutes

** Complimentary herbal drink after treatment**

For reservation, please contact
Tel. +66(0)32 616 777

DIY Beauty Spa

Design the scrub by your own recipe ONLY! 1,999 Net / person

  • Mix & Match Body Scrub 30 minutes
  • Thai or Aroma Massage 60 minutes

Your recipes: Thai Herbal, Sesame, Tamarind, Tanaka, White Clay, Fresh Milk, Yogurt.

For reservation, please contact
Tel. +66(0)32 616 777

A Blissful Day Spa (Thalassotherapy)

Noora Spa is offering an exclusive spa experience for rejuvenate your body and mind from fatigue. “Thalassotherapy” is a suitable choice for this time.

Therapy is Include:

  • Rose Tea Milky Salt Scrub 30 mins.
  • Marrakesh Signature Massage with Argan Oil 90 mins.


  • THB 2,400.- per person
  • THB 4,400.- per couple

***Add on Rose Tea Milky Bath for help to remove dead skin cell and relax, 30 minutes only THB. 500

** Please reserve 2 hours in advance**

For reservation, please contact
Tel. +66(0)32 616 777

For reservation, please contact
Tel. +66(0)32 616 777 Email:
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Название «НУРА Спа» взято из арабского языка и означает «свет».

Мы стараемся предвосхитить ожидания клиентов и подарить умиротворение, безмятежность и душевное спокойствие. Архитектура и дизайн салона создают легкое настроение, подкрепляемое профессионализмом наших массажистов.

Салон «НУРА» выполнен в современном марокканском стиле. Окунитесь в прелесть «розового города» и прикоснитесь к марокканскому наследию, попробовав фирменный массаж теплой свечой, про который говорится в индийских легендах.

Наш сервис направлен на то, чтобы превзойти все ожидания. Отлично обученный персонал следит за тем, чтобы каждый гость, который к нам зашел, получил персонализированный сервис, полностью расслабился и окунулся в абсолютное блаженство.

Часы работы: 09.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.

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