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Neo MoroccanThe ancient made relevant: our Neo-Moroccan concept

Designed to take our guests on a supremely exotic journey without having to stray far from home, Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa utilizes a unique design fusion of Moroccan and modern elements. Delicately fusing the intricate lines of arches, deep and rich colors, sultry textures and patterns, and unique accessories from the far-away land of Morocco with quality comfort aspects of the best oceanside accommodation, our 76 suites are the perfect escape from the ordinary and a journey for the soul.

Despite being borne of the desert, the bright vivid colors of the Moroccan style are perfectly paired with the bright sun and blue skies of the tropical beach. The result of our careful curation of details like Moroccan fabrics, lamps, and silk pillows is a wonderland of the impossibly exotic tempered by the relaxed and familiar. The experience of Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa is one of a greater journey than the miles actually travelled. A journey for the spirit and soul, and the feeling of having been somewhere distant, enriching, and enlightening.

The Marrakesh Suites

Finely appointed time machines.

Our 76 suites accommodate the spirit and body. Décor is Moroccan modern in immersive themes of oceanic blue or desert red. Getting wet is not optional – every suite comes with a Jacuzzi or plunge pool and a rain shower room, and drying out in the seaside sun awaits on the private balcony or daybed with a view. Different names, different sizes: the Junior Suite, the Fountain Pool Suite, the Oceanfront Suite and the Celestial Suite, 55-105 meters, all united in for a common purpose of transporting you out of time and space.

Doorways to absolute elsewhere.

Room design begins before the room, in our thoughtful layout of privacy-maximizing, space enhancement. Mosaics of shimmering vitality greet you upon entry, guiding the curious eye to the blue tile bathrooms and archway entrance sleeping chambers. Classic Moroccan themes with a modern minimal sensibility soothe and enthrall, moment to moment.

Opposites attract. And mix attractively.

Every smooth wall tells an intricate story. The painted surfaces of every suite evoke the ideas of day and night in Arabian culture, with red as the sun and blue as the night sky. Marrakesh means Red City in Arabic, but here the desert hues are balanced by the ocean’s eternal salvation.